About Us

The begining

Back in 1997, Sebastian Coronado started beekeeping with his dad and younger brother Ivan. Working with only 11 hives during the weekends. 

Some 10 years later the numbers were around  3000 hives and had became a commercial operation, mainly for pollination services.

One major concern during the commercial operation was to secure reliable queen bees: well mated queens to ensure population levels during pollination services and nectar flows.

Why we strated again?

In 2013, Sebastian and wife Miriam moved to Paris, Texas after he accepted a job as an Electrical Engineer in a  manufacturing facility.

 But the beekeeping life was missing, and therefore CORONADO HONEY BEE FARMS was born in 2016 with the purpose of rearing queen bees to serve the northeast area of Texas.

The Objective

"Don't sell something you are not willing to buy for the same price" 

We understand that a queen supplier reputation is extremely fragile, so we want to keep our customer satisfaction to the highest level. We are doing this by selling only mated queens that an experienced beekeeper like Sebastian Coronado will be willing to buy if he were a customer.